My rates are based on the Editorial Freelancer Association's Guidelines.

Rate Estimates

(Terms and Rates are Negotiable )

Hourly rate: $40/hr
Per word: 25 cents & up
By project: Email for a quote

Proofreading $3.50/page
Basic Editing $4/page
Heavy Editing $5/page
Translation Services $0.10/word


Default Terms

I will gladly sign your contract/NDA, and/or work up a Letter of Agreement before we begin.

New clients require a 25% down payment.

Rush jobs (2 days) carry a 25% mark up.

Volume discounts available.

Minimums apply: $150/project.

Payment due 15 days after invoice date.

All writing projects include 2-4 edits as needed at no additional charge.

Paypal accepted.



Everyone wants a web release, and writing PRWeb releases has become second hand for me. Therefore, I'm establishing new packages for press releases!

Your release will be crafted to catch the attention of media personnel, with flawless copy and the additional bonus of being released by a boutique publishing firm (as opposed to shameless self-promotion!)

~Copy only: $100
~Copy and geographical-targeted release: $160 (example: local papers)
~Copy and field-targeted release: $160 (example: trade publications)
~Copy and PRWeb release: $200
~All of the above, including copy, PRWeb, geo and field targets: $275

All packages include phone conversation, email communication, multiple drafts and my research. Need a release tailored to your market? No problem- contact me personally.


Let's get your project started!

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