Q. What sets you apart from the other freelancers I’ve looked at today?
A. First and foremost, I believe in my combination of education and experience. Both dealt me hard knocks that built me up for the next thing, and the next thing, and etc., until this very day. I keep this long line of successes behind me, and am willing to put behind you.

Diversity. You’ll find many freelance writers talking about “finding their niche.”  While that’s all well and good, I prefer to have a hand in everything. I adore editing books, but the philanthropist in me needs to help write grants. I like to write web content, because I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs and start ups, but my humanities background steers me toward essays and research-intensive copy.

Customer service. I enjoy my work. It’s my lifeblood. Because of that, I look forward to opening my email and voicemail to find you waiting for me everyday. In working with me you will find a writer who is eager, interested and ready to get down to business.

Q. Why shouldn’t I simply write my own text on my webpage/brochure/newsletter?
A. You may, but it often becomes a waste of your company’s money to purchase web space or print materials, and then fill them with subpar copy. With my work, your potential clients, employees or colleagues will notice text that is clean, flawless and clearly portrays your message.
Q. What is your criteria for taking on a project?
A. My aim is to furnish you with a flawless final project at the end of our dealings. If I know I can do this, and our schedules mesh, than I proceed with our negotiations.
Q. How do you set your rates?
A. My package rates are based on an estimate of hours needed to perfectly complete each type of project. My hourly rates are based on previous professional experience (full time and part time career positions).